Car First Aid Kits

This author has been asked many questions in terms of what one should carry in a car first aid kit. Besides your basic tools which should be carried in your trunk for flats and basic car maintenance, a wool or very warm blanket is a must. Since this is a car first aid kit, one can carry a little more than usual with taking up very little space. Roadside flares are always helpful. One should also consider where you are traveling to and through. Going through very unpopulated areas of Wyoming and Western states during winter months, one should be prepared with signaling devices such as fluorescent orange tarps, even space blankets can be used. We do not usually advise space blankets for other camping needs since they tear very easily and are not very efficient. However they are beneficial for a car first aid kit. Containers of water are clearly a must for hydration and also for irrigating wounds. A small container of nonperishable snacks is also advisable. A radio, either solar or one with a manual crank to elicit energy is very beneficial, lest you risk of your battery going dead. This would also help in keeping updated regarding weather bulletins and notices of incoming storms. Always stay with your vehicle in severe snowstorms as individuals leaving their vehicles have a higher risk of morbidity as well as mortality. Again, please review our 7-day kit for further details of bandages and other accessories that can be used in your car first aid kit.